At Winchester Dental, we’re pleased to offer AcceleDent® technology for our orthodontic patients.

What is the AcceleDent® Aura?

The AcceleDent® Aura is a battery-powered medical device, approved by the FDA, that works to speed the progress of your orthodontic treatment by working along with your fixed braces or clear aligners.

What are the benefits of the AcceleDent® Aura?

Regular use of the device can speed orthodontic treatment time up to 50%. It also reduces the discomfort associated with orthodontic adjustments. The device is quiet and works gently.

How does the device work?

The device includes a mouthpiece that connects to a battery-powered activator. You bite on the mouthpiece, and the activator sends calibrated micropulses to accelerate the movement of your teeth according to the guidance of your existing orthodontics.

How often and how long would I use my device?

You use the device every day for 20 minutes at a time.

Can the AcceleDent® Aura be used with ALF appliances?

Yes, the device can be used with ALF appliances as well as fixed braces and clear aligners.

Should I use the device while I’m sleeping?

No, do not use the device while you are sleeping. Use it when you are awake and sitting quietly—for example, while you are doing homework, watching TV, or reading.

Is the AcceleDent® Aura water-resistant?

No, the device is not water-resistant. It should never be used in the shower or immersed in water.

How do I charge my device?

The device plugs into your Windows-based or Mac computer for easy charging.

Does the device provide usage reports for my doctor?

Yes, the device keeps track of how frequently you use it and how long you use it each time. This allows us to easily understand the progress you are making with your orthodontic treatment.

Has the FDA approved the AcceleDent® Aura?

Yes, the device has been tested in clinical trials in the US, and the FDA approved it in 2011.