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9 Best Practices You’ll Find at Winchester Dental

Two group shots of Winchester Dental team

Our commitment to excellence extends throughout our team, and to all aspects of our practice! Our patients tell us we are the best dentists in Winchester. Here are our team members talking about some of the best professional practices you’ll find at Winchester Dental.

Img_8120“We ask all new patients how they heard about our office. This allows us to track where our referrals are coming from and also gives us the opportunity to thank and reward our existing patients who are referring their friends and family to our practice.” —Meghan Minor, Co-Practice Manager


Winchester-dental-winchester-virginia-monica-boyd“We always ask patients at the end of each visit how their visit was, and if there is anything we could have done to make it easier. This gives us the benefit of both knowing the good and bad of the visit, and the opportunity to correct and improve upon the things that we have the ability to change.” —Monica Boyd, Administrative Team Member


Winchester-dental-staci-kubovcik-dental-assistant“We practice being very thorough with our patients on overall health, not just oral. There are studies that prove poor oral habits are linked to heart disease, diabetes, etc. It is our pleasure to help our patients with caring for themselves.” —Staci Kubovcik, Dental Assistant


Winchester-dental-julie-marrow-office-manager“Following any comprehensive exam, our doctors review patients’ chief concerns, images, and x-rays, and put together treatment options to discuss at a free-of-charge consultation. Our patients have really appreciated this practice as it takes the pressure out of having to make on-the-spot decisions about their dental health; and it allows the doctors opportunity to view this information at a time of day when things aren’t so busy. It also provides our patients personalized care.” —Julie Marrow, Practice Manager


Winchester-dental-mistie-dodson-dental-hygienist“When patients come in for care with a hygienist, they get so much more than a cleaning. We check their blood pressure, and do a head and neck exam as part of a screening for oral cancer. We also assess their airways and check their periodontal (gum) health. Through these screenings, patients have caught cardiovascular issues by addressing our findings with their physicians. Our assessments have also revealed and helped patients begin treatment for cases of sleep apnea and periodontal disease. These quality-of-life health issues frequently identified through dental visits, and people thank the office on a regular basis for changing or saving their lives.” —Mistie Dodson, RDH


Img_9865“Here at Winchester Dental, we always go above and beyond to provide the best experience for our patients! I understand the concerns that patients have when they come to the dentist. We strive to make sure that all of our patients are as comfortable and relaxed as possible while they are here. As a dental assistant, I do all that I can to put the patient at ease while they are in the dental chair. I take time to answer any questions that they may have, as well as providing them with blankets or pillows, headphones to listen to music, a bottle of water, or even a snack! We look forward to seeing our patients and view them as not just our patients but our friends!” —Megan Jenkins, Administrative Team Member


Winchester-dental-amanda-bryden-dental-hygienist“One of our standard practices is to complete a comprehensive periodontal evaluation on all patients 14 and older. This allows us to assess the patient’s gum and bone health. We educate our patients on how the health of their gums can affect their overall health. Periodontal infection (gum disease) can put the patient at an increased risk for heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.” —Amanda Bryden, RDH


Winchester-dental-winchester-virginia-mollie-2016-01-12-13. 23. 21“One practice that is vital to overall health is the biannual oral cancer screening that is done at each hygiene appointment.” —Mollie Schlegel, Administrative Team Member


Winchester-dental-shannon-brandstetter-dental-hygienist“If I see the first stage of gum disease (bleeding gums, which indicate gingivitis), I make it a priority to educate my patients on the importance of their home care and routine dental hygiene visits. Thankfully, gingivitis is reversible, but it’s also a warning sign of the next step, periodontal disease, which results in permanent bone and tissue loss around the teeth. Many people don’t realize periodontal disease is linked not only to tooth loss, but also linked to diabetes, stroke, and respiratory illness, just to name a few. It is important to educate on home care, recommend specific products, and treat the areas properly to restore tissue health and avoid permanent damage. Maintaining your oral health benefits the health of your whole body!” —Shannon Brandstetter, RDH