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About You, Our Valued (or Potential) Patient

Hygienist Shannon and Dr. Gio with a valued patient of Winchester Dental

Whether you’re a satisfied patient of Winchester Dental or a potential patient enjoying what you’re reading on our site, you seek to save time, stress, and money in making the best health choices for yourself and your family. You also understand that good oral health is a key to good overall health.

Why our integrative approach is good for your health

Like many other patients, you may have already tried other dental providers, and you’ve probably found that treatment methods and approaches vary. At Winchester Dental, we consider your oral health to be part of your overall health, and we practice integrative dentistry, but not all providers do. For decades, dentistry in the US has focused almost exclusively on the mouth and the teeth (though this is now beginning to change), with little attention to possible connections between dental treatment and medical concerns such as breathing and sleep issues, to name just two. Even within dentistry, many providers frequently treat specialized areas such as orthodontics separately, with corrective treatment beginning during a patient’s teenage years, rather than at a young age as a crucial part of optimal childhood growth and development.

Why non-integrative approaches can result in extra costs for you

Many general dental practices also routinely refer patients to hospitals and labs when specialized technology screenings are required. If this has been your experience as a patient or as your family’s health decision maker, it may have resulted in the need for multiple visits to various providers in order to resolve certain issues—requiring more of your energy, time, and money. It may also mean that you, as the patient or decision maker, have had to coordinate at least some treatment on your own, understanding which kinds of questions to ask and advocating for yourself among providers. Among life’s other responsibilities, this typically presents an extra challenge.

How we make you and your family our priority

Winchester Dental understands these things, and this is why you, our patient, are always our top priority. We listen, and value your (and your family’s) well-being, your time, and your money. We study the connections between oral health and overall health so we can offer you innovative, comfortable solutions for both, and our entire team trains extensively every year in order to be the best at what we do.

You get the most in-house treatment options and office hours

We equip our practice and our lab with the most modern technology to keep treatments and procedures in-house whenever possible, saving you time and costs. Most (if not all) of your treatment can be done right in the office. Our five doctors have an array of training and can accomplish 95% of all dental procedures. However, when necessary, we make referrals to and work closely with your other providers to ensure your overall health. We also strive to make your visits to our office as physically comfortable and stress-free as possible. While many dental offices are open just four days a week, our practice is always open Monday through Friday, as well as three Saturdays each month. We offer extended hours on some weekdays, and in our welcoming, spacious office, we are happy to accommodate your entire family at the same time.

Thank you!

If you’re already a satisfied Winchester Dental patient, thank you for continuing to trust us with your health needs! If you’ve just discovered our site and are seeking a new dentist, we’d love to provide you a comfortable, exceptional experience in reaching outstanding oral and overall health.