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Advanced Technology at Winchester Dental

Dr. Frank Mitchell, DDS

Dr. Frank Mitchell, DDS talks about the advanced technology available at Winchester Dental: synthetic bone graft materials, in-office 3D imaging capability, and CEREC technology for creating same-day crowns. “It’s a privilege to be a dentist nowadays because there are so many wonderful advances!” says Dr. Mitchell.

There’s a way to get away from bone grafting materials that are produced from cadavers, pigs, cows, or horses, and it involves using a synthetic bone graft material that I like, and drawing the patient’s own blood. You can make something called platelet-rich fibrin—a fibrin clot that’s supercharged with healing factors, white blood cells which help fight infection, and it actually enhances the ability of the patient to grow new bone. And this is especially exciting in the area of implant dentistry and reconstruction, and we’re going to be getting into this, I believe, shortly. It’s another example of the way Gio is so progressive in developing this practice and staying cutting-edge. It’s been my pleasure to work here and know Gio. I’m supremely impressed by his grasp of dentistry but also the—his tendency to want to keep growing and searching for the very best that we can offer in dentistry, and it’s a privilege to be a dentist nowadays because there are so many wonderful advances. Gio just got his CAT scan unit, and it’s extremely low-exposure, comparable to background radiation, yet it gives us three dimensions in our diagnosis, vs. the standard two-dimensional images we used to have. There are many more examples of advances in dentistry that we’re benefiting from here at Winchester Dental. He just recently upgraded his three-dimensional crown fabrication. Our CEREC technology involves CAD/CAM, and we got the latest—recently—the latest scanning unit. It’s taking a little while to get used to it—there’s a learning curve, but progress is many times a little bit painful, but it’s worth it. I’ve found that everyone here—all the other dentists: Dr. Leskiv, Dr. Richardson, and Dr. Gio—all are very much into continuing ed, and I am too. I love to learn, and it’s an exciting time in dentistry, and then it’s a very patient-oriented practice that we have here.