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Winchester, VA 22601
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Attention to Detail: A Long-Time Patient Reviews All Aspects of Our Practice

View of a green tree outside a window in Winchester Dental treatment room

Review collage“I thought a comprehensive and honest review might help others in the local area as they are seeking out a dental provider.”

John B., a happy Winchester Dental patient, shares this testimonial:
I have been going to Winchester Dental Group for over 10 years now since I moved to the area. I am generally not a big social media user, but I was just in the office today for a crown and a filling, and I thought it was about time I posted a review for the business. I am an engineer, so I tend to do a lot of research, get advice and opinions from friends and co-workers, and I read a lot of reviews before making a product purchase or selecting a healthcare provider. I thought a comprehensive and honest review might help others in the local area as they are seeking out a dental provider. I tried to make my review as thorough as possible so you will get a feel for the dental practice from start to finish.

Location: The practice is located in a nice medical office park over near the Winchester Medical Center on Linden Drive off Amherst Street. You can only turn right from Linden Drive onto Amherst Street, which is good because Amherst is usually fairly busy. There has always been enough parking whenever I have had an appointment.

Appointment Scheduling: Appointments are generally scheduled by calling the office, but they do have an appointment request form on their website where you can request one. Keep in mind though that this online form does NOT appear to be a real-time scheduling capability. If you want to get your appointment scheduled right away, I recommend calling the office. For the tech savvy crowd, you will get an E-mail appointment confirmation request and E-mail reminders about your upcoming appointment.

Waiting Area: The waiting room is well appointed with plenty of chairs and reading material for your enjoyment. There are a few children’s toys to help distract the younger patients. WiFi is available in the waiting area with a sign posted with access instructions. When you arrive, you sign in with your arrival time and appointment time, and you will complete any updated contact information or HIPAA agreements as necessary. The receptionist will provide you with a routing sheet and your hygienist’s name. I usually have not had to wait more than about 10 minutes before being called back for my appointment. They also have a restroom available if necessary.

Treatment Rooms: The treatment rooms are very well appointed with modern, comfortable dental chairs and state-of-the-art dental equipment. Each of the treatment rooms I have used has an X-ray sensor that the hygienists use to take your regular bitewing X-rays. They also have a new panoramic X-ray machine that will take a full X-ray scan of your mouth from side to side.

Treatments: So far, I have had crowns, fillings and regular teeth cleanings done at this practice. The staff are committed to patient comfort, and you are usually given a set of sunglasses to wear while being treated, which shade your eyes from the bright dental lamps. The staff will ask you periodically if you are OK or if you need to take a break. In 10+ years of treatments, I have never had to call them back or go back in with problems of any kind. I think you would be completely satisfied with the long term success of their treatments.

Technology: Dr. Gio and the other dentists seem to make continuous and considerable investments in new dental treatment equipment and technology for the practice. For example, the last time I had a crown done, they had used one type of imaging equipment, but for today’s crown, they were using an upgrade to that equipment. The technology they use for crowns is quite impressive to give you same-day crown repair. The process for a crown is straightforward: 1.) They first image your tooth and then prepare it by grinding away the affected material; 2.) Next, they image your tooth again and generate a three-dimensional computer model of the crown; 3.) Next, they put a ceramic blank in a computer controlled cutting machine (router) that mills the blank into the crown which is exact replica of your old tooth; 4.) Finally, they test fit the crown, make some final adjustments, bake the crown in an oven for about 20 minutes and then permanently bond it to the rest of your tooth. It looks and feels just like your old tooth. Today was the third crown I have had done at the practice, and the second one done by Dr. Mitchell. Everything at the practice is done electronically, and they have other cameras to take different pictures of your teeth to aid in treatment planning and insurance submissions.

Staff: The staff all are very friendly and pleasant and are committed to your comfort.

Insurance: The practice accepts many major dental insurance plans. They will submit the insurance claims for you and they do a good job at estimating what your insurance will pay.

Training: The hygienists are well trained and they work well with all of the computer and dental equipment. The dentists obviously are doing continuing education to learn about the new dental technologies. A great place to go!

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