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Busted! 7 Common Myths About Orthodontic Treatment

Young boy holding a book, looking surprised beside text reading "Orthodontic Myths BUSTED!" (Photo credit: Ben White on Unsplash)

Modern dental technology and techniques mean that orthodontic treatment now looks and feels quite different than it did as recently as ten years ago. In most cases, it’s faster, more comfortable, more convenient, and more effective than ever. Bye, myths!

Myth: If my child or I need orthodontic treatment, we’ll specifically need to see an orthodontist.

Myth busted! In many cases, a specially trained, properly equipped dentist can provide safe, effective orthodontic treatment.

Myth: Orthodontic treatment only works for young people.

Myth busted! Adults frequently benefit from orthodontic treatment. If you’ve always considered having your teeth straightened, talk to us! We will gladly provide you a free orthodontic consultation and calculate specific cost details to help you make your decision.

Myth: Orthodontic treatment only corrects issues with permanent teeth, so my child won’t be able to get started until her preteen years.

Myth busted! The best time to begin orthodontic treatment is during a child’s growth phase—often as early as age 4 or 5—to provide the chance to develop to his or her maximum potential.

Myth: Orthodontic treatment is only beneficial for a patient’s mouth and teeth.

Myth busted! In addition to straightening teeth and correcting bite issues, orthodontics can also help patients with breathing, sleeping, attention, posture, headaches, and musculoskeletal pain issues.

Myth: I can expect my orthodontic treatment to be painful.

Myth busted! Modern treatment protocols and the newest materials have eliminated much of the discomfort associated with traditional orthodontics.

Myth: Orthodontic treatment means I’ll definitely have a mouth full of silver brackets and wires cemented onto my teeth.

Myth busted! Treatment plans are as unique as patients themselves, and may only call for a simple dental appliance worn comfortably—and often, nearly invisibly—inside the mouth. Modern technology means that many treatment options are now available, including clear aligners.

Myth: Orthodontic treatment frequently involves painful, old-fashioned headgear at night.

Myth busted! Tight, uncomfortable headgear is largely a thing of the past. Lightweight, comfortable materials and modern treatment protocols have mostly replaced old-fashioned orthodontic headgear.

We want your treatment to succeed, and we understand that your comfort, convenience, and overall health are important for this success!