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Carrie’s American Dream Makeover is Complete!

American Dream Makeover recipient Carrie Brannan

As Winchester Dental’s American Dream Makeover wound down on May 10, Carrie Brannan was excited about her new smile, and said she was already smiling more. In late April, Winchester Dental had chosen Carrie to receive a comprehensive smile makeover, along with hair and fashion makeovers from two Winchester co-sponsors. Along with two assistants, Dr. Frank Mitchell of Winchester Dental performed Carrie’s dental makeover on May 7. A few days later, professionals at Heaven the Salon Experience and Simply Charming Boutique helped Carrie complete her transformation with a chic new haircut in vibrant auburn, and a comfortable, colorful outfit and accessories that she planned to wear to her upcoming college graduation ceremony.


The dental makeover lasted seven hours in total, during which Dr. Mitchell and his assistants designed, created, and placed eight new crowns for Carrie. “Dr. Mitchell was awesome!” she said. “I am just blown away by the whole experience.”

The day was slightly complicated by an equipment malfunction that had occurred just days before the scheduled dental work. “We had to improvise when our ceramic kiln became non-functional,” explained Dr. Mitchell. “We couldn’t very well reschedule Carrie’s appointment as she was graduating the following weekend, and the other parts of the makeover were already scheduled. So Jen assisted for much of the appointment, while Sam drove back and forth from a local lab, which kindly allowed us to glaze the crowns and veneers.”

Fortunately, everything turned out well, and indeed, the makeover was well-timed. Not only was Carrie, a 38-year-old wife and mother of three sons, set to receive her bachelor’s degree from Liberty University in Lynchburg; a month earlier, she had also finished her last treatment for lymphoma. With her hair just beginning to grow back and weakened tooth enamel after radiation treatments, she knew she would need good dental care. Still, she had received a clean bill of health, and she was hopeful and ready to move on to a new chapter of her life.

“I wouldn’t choose the illness again, but I feel it was a blessing in that it showed me what a difference I’ve made in the lives of those around me,” Carrie reflected. “To feel the love from our church family, students, and colleagues was amazing. I have felt so blessed with the individuals who have come across my path and the providers I’ve had… a lot of people live their whole lives before realizing the impact they’ve had on others. But I got to have that perspective and I think it’s changed who I will be in the future.”

Carrie’s family and friends are excited at her transformation. “You’re still just as beautiful as ever, but it looks great!” responded her husband (who will graduate along with her) when she sent him a photo after her hair and fashion makeover.

Because regular attention to her new smile will be crucial to maintaining it, Carrie will follow up with Dr. Mitchell and the team at Winchester Dental. She feels that her newfound confidence in her overall appearance will help her as she goes forward. Having focused on business management information systems and Christian counseling during college, she is now considering earning a master’s degree and working in counseling.

“The outside reflects what I’m ready to do on the inside,” Carrie asserts. The entire team at Winchester Dental wholeheartedly supports her, and looks forward to providing excellent care for many years to come!