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The Convenience of Same-Day Crowns at Winchester Dental

Meghan Minor, Co-Practice Manager

For patients on the go, sometimes the hardest part of dental visits is finding time to schedule them. At Winchester Dental, we’re pleased to offer same-day dental crowns, a streamlined process that typically requires only one visit (and one numbing process) instead of two or three. In this video interview, assistant office manager Meghan Minor explains how it works.


I’m Meghan Minor, the assistant office manager at Winchester Dental, and we’re talking about same-day crowns. Same-day crowns are a great option for patients. You know, we used to have to send crowns out. You would get a temporary; you would live with a temporary crown for three weeks. Sometimes it would come off; you’d have to come in and have it recemented. Now—the tooth is prepped, you—the crown is made here in the office, you get your permanent crown the very same day, and that’s it. There’s no coming back, there’s no follow-up appointments. People leave with their crown—permanent crown. And they love it, and it’s a great alternative to, you know, waiting for your permanent crown to come in. So yeah!

And how do they make sure—I mean not to get too technical, but it’s some kind of technology where it’s perfect, right?
It’s very cool technology. It’s CAD/CAM technology. It is taking tiny little pictures of your tooth and sends the information to a milling unit which creates your crown. It’s pretty amazing, and it’s a great option to have for patients in the office.

And your patients leave here smiling?
Absolutely, absolutely.