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Dr. Mitchell Discusses The American Dream Makeover

Dr. Frank Mitchell, DDS

Dr. Frank Mitchell reflects on how his work with our patient Carrie during The American Dream Makeover inspired him.

So you’ve done other extreme makeovers.
I’ve done a lot of makeovers in the past—cosmetic makeovers—and this was rewarding. The makeover candidates that were involved had interesting and touching stories, and in particular, Carrie’s story hit me, where she… she had gone through quite a bit medically with her problems—dealing with Hodgkins’, and coming through that Hodgkins’ lymphoma—and she’s a very, very nice person. It’s inspirational to do that. We get a lot from that ourselves. I’ve always enjoyed creating a cosmetic result, and it’s an artistic endeavor and it’s… there’s a strong technical side to it, and when you put all the pieces together at the end, and you come up with a satisfactory result that the patient is happy with—it’s just a wonderful experience. I enjoy it quite a bit!