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The Evolution of Winchester Dental: Our Hygienist Reflects

Crystal Lawrence, RDH

“When you work here, you keep learning!” says our hygienist Crystal Lawrence. In this video, Crystal reflects on keeping up with dental trends through her years at Winchester Dental—from the introduction of automated record keeping to our new 3D imaging technology.

The question is: how long have you been here, and where have things gone over the years that you’ve been here?
This office—before we came here, we were in a little log cabin on Cameron, and it was so quaint, I was sad to leave there, but it—we couldn’t grow any more. So that was in ’88, when I started there. So now we have all this great technology, and it took—one weekend we moved in, like on a Friday and a Saturday from the old office, and then—and then Sunday we had a crash course on how to use all the high-tech technologies that we have now, and I went and sat in my car and cried, because I thought, “I can’t do this! This is crazy!” because I was used to using the paper charts and stuff, and—but it’s just been great, and that’s the way it is, you have to learn all these new things that they have… and now it’s been two years since I worked here before. And now we have—we have a 3D cone scan-type machine, where you can take an x-ray and turn it different directions and see, like, the mandible from different angles, and it’s really—it’s awesome. And we have things that we can use to—check if the tooth has a cavity even without x-rays, so technology is great! And Dr. Gio likes to stay on the cutting edge. He loves all the neat new stuff and keeps up with everything. So when you work here, you keep learning, and even… like, this year I’ll be 72 and I’m still learning, and it’s still—it’s a challenge now, because—I’m retired. I retired at 65, like about five, six years ago, but I can’t—they won’t let me really retire, so I keep coming up from South Carolina and helping out!