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Winchester Dental Exemplifies Current Dental Trends

Word collage of current dental trends

At Winchester Dental, we are pleased to be on the forefront of many current dental trends, and we enjoy keeping up with emerging techniques and technology to provide our patients the best, most modern dental care! As 2016 comes to an end, here’s a look at some dental trends that have recently gained in popularity.


  • As implants become a more common solution for patients who have lost permanent teeth, 3D imaging technology helps general dentists to confidently recommend them to patients. We are pleased to feature 3D imaging technology right in our office, and our practice’s availability of the latest implant techniques is invaluable to our patients.
  • The digitalization of dentistry is growing, in areas ranging from 3D intraoral scanners for creating digital impressions to digital caries detection aids. Our current digital technology helps us streamline appointment and treatment timeframes!
  • The wide reach of the internet and social media is helping more people than ever to learn more about dentistry and oral health, and we are dedicated to remaining a vital part of this trend! Our team is pleased to share the latest dentistry news and information on our website and our practice’s Facebook page. We encourage patients to visit both frequently!

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