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Faster Healing with Platelet-Rich Fibrin

Dr. Frank Mitchell, DDS

Winchester Dental continues to lead in the most advanced dentistry practices! In these video clips, Dr. Frank Mitchell, DDS discusses our newest holistic technique: using platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) derived from patients’ own blood to help them heal faster and with less pain during the dental implant process. In some cases, says Dr. Mitchell, using PRF can dramatically speed the overall extraction and implant process—thus saving time and stress.

I’m enthusiastic about something that we’re introducing into the practice, called PRF. It stands for platelet-rich fibrin. It’s a process where we have a phlebotomist come into the practice, and we draw the patient’s own blood, and we make a substance—it’s called the fibrin clot. It’s used for bone grafting or to expedite healing. It greatly enhances the healing and reduces the need for antibiotics. The pain is considerably diminished, and patients really do very well with it. We’re going to be using that in conjunction with our implant therapy, and it’ll enable us to go farther than we ever have been in the past in rebuilding structures and improving patients’ lives, and providing the most advanced prosthetics we possibly can.

With which other materials is platelet-rich fibrin used, and what is its effect on the quality of implant work?

Dr. Mitchell explains:

We use the PRF in conjunction with the bone grafting material. I actually like—I’m interested in synthetic bone grafting material, and the sterile synthetics in combination with the PRF have maintained the bone quality and the shape of the ridge better than I’ve seen it in the past. So we’re able to—now—possibly extract a tooth, place an implant, and in certain situations, restore the tooth all in one day.