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How to Maintain Your Gum Health and Your Budget

Good gum health results in a beautiful smile and helps you reach good overall health.

Tough times? We understand! But here’s a reminder that good gum health is crucial for a strong, healthy immune system. If your gums aren’t healthy, your overall health can suffer—which may ultimately cost you more in medical and dental visits. Here’s a great way to save on basic dental care while you keep your gums in mint condition.

First, do the gum health basics at home

Our usual advice for good gum and mouth care starts at home, and it’s as important as ever. Floss your teeth daily (morning or evening, whichever works best for you) and brush twice daily for two full minutes each time. Use a soft toothbrush and a pea-sized amount of fluoride toothpaste, and be sure to switch to a new toothbrush every three months and any time you’ve recovered from an illness. Between brushings, allow your toothbrush to air-dry, and don’t share it with anyone.

Then, visit your dentist

It’s important to schedule routine hygiene appointments and dental exams at least twice a year—and usually more often if you’re a periodontal maintenance patient. You may be able to wait for dental crowns, cosmetic dentistry, or even orthodontic treatment—but gum disease and cavities will only get worse, not better, and will cost you more in time, discomfort, and money as they progress.

Make an investment in your gum health

If you’re not covered by dental insurance, we offer Smile Care Club, an affordable, in-house coverage plan for year-round, basic preventative dental care at a fraction of regular fee amounts. Coverage is billed yearly and begins at the low price of $300 per year for one individual ($396 per year for periodontal maintenance patients, who require more frequent visits). We also offer Smile Care Club plans for spouses and for families. It’s a great way to maintain healthy gums!

A Smile Care Club membership includes these services:

  • Routine dental examinations (every six months at the time of teeth cleaning)
  • X-rays (one set every 12 months)
  • A 3D (CBCT) facial scan if needed
  • Teeth cleaning for adults and children (every six months)
  • Fluoride treatments for children (every six months)
  • One emergency examination per year, if needed
  • Cosmetic consultation

As an example of savings, Smile Care Club coverage includes a 3D facial scan if needed. This quick, painless, non-invasive scan—which helps us plan treatments for patients who might need orthodontics, extractions, or implant placement, or treatment for sleep breathing issues or TMJ disorders—can cost up to nearly $400 without Smile Care Club coverage.

Here’s another example of how a periodontal maintenance patient might save with Smile Care Club:

  • Regular-price periodontal maintenance cleaning = $178 x 3 visits/year = $534
  • Regular-price periodontal maintenance cleaning = $178 x 4 visits/year = $712

The regular prices don’t cover the cost of an emergency exam (should you need it) or a cosmetic consultation. In contrast, a Smile Care Club periodontal maintenance plan for one individual includes these services—all for less than $400 annually. It’s a win for your wallet and your gum health!

Everyone is eligible for Smile Care Club

You can enroll in Smile Care Club regardless of your health conditions. We accept anyone who wishes to enroll. There are no deductibles, no health questions, and we don’t single out anyone for rate increases or cancellations.

How Smile Care Club helps you save on additional services and treatments

Your membership in this plan also provides you a discount (typically 15%) on selected additional services, including:

In good times and in challenging times, an investment in your health is always a good decision. We look forward to helping you!