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Faster Healing and Less Pain with the Newest Holistic Techniques at Winchester Dental

Dr. Frank Mitchell, DDS

In September 2016, Dr. Frank Mitchell, DDS discussed the use of platelet-rich fibrin (a substance derived from the blood, also known as PRF) to reduce the pain associated with tooth extractions, speed the implant process, and help patients heal faster. Since then, he reports, “the healing has been amazing for patients who elect it for extractions!”

How does the PRF process work for patients at Winchester Dental?

The local lab we work with makes it easy for us because their technicians come to our site with a centrifuge. After collecting a small sample of the patient’s blood, the technician spins it in the centrifuge right here in our office. This usually takes about ten minutes. We mix the resulting biomaterial with a small amount of bone, then gently flatten it to create a soft membrane that we place over the extraction site before we close it or place an implant. The membrane, which is rich in the patient’s own blood platelets, helps greatly to reduce bleeding. This allows healing to occur faster, resulting in less pain.

What other recent advances are there for the implant process?

I’m excited about a new implant system that will allow us to place an implant first and graft around it (a process known as tenting) rather than the other way around. The tenting process cuts down implant waiting time from over a year to a few months from start to finish. Within this new system, there is a thin coating on the implants that allows a faster bony interface and better connection to the bony surface. All this helps our patients to enjoy more precisely crafted, more comfortable, and more durable implants.

Of course, it is Dr. Gio’s progressiveness that allows us to accomplish this, because he has acquired 3D scanning technology for our practice, and 3D scans are key in precision implants.

This kind of progressiveness allows Winchester Dental to offer other holistic dental treatments as well, doesn’t it?

Oh, yes! Dr. Gio offers and promotes early orthodontic treatment starting as early as age 4. Early orthodontic treatment does not fight the body, but works with it. Of course, Dr. Gio refers patients to conventional orthodontists whenever necessary, but whenever he can, he first provides holistic options and always brings patients (and parents of young patients) into the treatment conversation. This practice is progressive, rather than regressive. We believe that patients deserve a good understanding of options and possible solutions.