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The Newest Technology for Crown Measurements is Here!

Image of CEREC Omnicam device with product award logos from 2013

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve recently upgraded the technology we use in measuring for crowns!

What is the new technology?
Our new CEREC Omnicam is the latest acquisition (camera) unit available, and it allows the most precise scanning available to date. This helps us obtain the most accurate measurements of our patients’ teeth, in order to ensure that each patient’s new custom-fabricated crowns will fit as perfectly as possible.

What are the advantages of the CEREC Omnicam?
Our new unit eliminates the need for us to prepare our patients’ teeth with a powder coating before we scan them. Its shape is optimized to allow us to scan a half or full dental arch, and we can use it to scan patients’ teeth whether they are sitting upright or reclining.

Best of all, our new unit functions as a video camera that acquires 3D images in natural color and real time, and builds and displays a realistic 3D model of a patient’s teeth on the nearby CEREC monitor as the scan progresses. The natural color is of the images is useful in allowing us to differentiate among various types of fillings that may exist (amalgam, composite, and gold) and to determine precisely how much space there will be to accommodate the new crowns we make. The scanning process is quick and painless, and the resulting image allows us to easily explain to our patients what we see and what our next steps will be. The real-time, high-quality images also make it easy for patients to ask any questions they may have.

What results does this technology provide?
The result is crowns that fit more comfortably and snugly than ever. Frequently, we can fabricate them and place them within a single visit, thus saving valuable time and costs for our patients. When our patients are pleased, so are we!