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Dr. Frank Mitchell, DDS
Perio Protect® for Healthy Gums
September 7, 2016

It’s easy, gentle, and holistic! Perio Protect® is a new dental treatment that patients can use at home keep their gums clean and healthy. In many cases, it can help reduce the need for professional periodontal treatment, which is often costly and uncomfortable. In this three-minute video clip, Dr. Frank Mitchell, DDS—who uses Perio Protect® himself—discusses how easy it is to use, and outlines the numerous health benefits it can provide.

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Poster reading "Love the gums you're with"
Should You Floss Your Teeth? Yes, Absolutely!
August 9, 2016

In August 2016, the news media reported that the US Departments of Agriculture and Health and Human Services had eliminated tooth flossing from their officially recommended dental health guidelines. Some media reports have portrayed this change in guidelines as an indication that flossing does not result in improved dental health and is therefore not important. In fact, there’s more to the story. Please click through to read details!

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Dr. Gio Iuculano, DDS
Healthy Gums Can Reduce Other Health Risks
July 12, 2016

Medical research shows that there is a significant relationship between gum disease and serious health problems such as cancer, diabetes, and heart problems. In this interview, Dr. Gio Iuculano discusses periodontal scaling (deep cleaning) as a way to help restore and maintain healthy gums, and reduce the risk of developing other serious diseases.

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