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Closeup of Dr. Donna Greco, DMD, smiling
Introducing Our New Dentist, Dr. Donna Greco, DMD!
March 20, 2018

The Winchester Dental family welcomes Dr. Donna Greco, DMD! Dr. Greco earned her DMD from University of Kentucky College of Dentistry, and has been practicing in northern Virginia since 2002. As she tells us in this interview, her educational background and her interests in early orthodontic treatment and helping older patients to regain their dental health are well-matched to our practice’s holistic philosophy.

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Dr. Kelly Richardson, DDS and team member Monica Boyd
PRF is a Popular Success at Winchester Dental
August 7, 2017

We’ve recently reported on how we use platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) to help with pain reduction and faster healing after tooth extractions, and to speed up the implant process. Did you know that Winchester Dental is one of the only general dentistry practices in Winchester to offer PRF? In this interview, Dr. Kelly Richardson, DDS, discusses how successfully PRF is working for our patients, and team member Monica Boyd discusses completing phlebotomy training that allows us to accomplish the entire PRF procedure in our office and among our team.

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Diagram showing how obstructive sleep affects the mouth, nose, and throat
Five Important Facts About Sleep Apnea
July 19, 2017

Individuals with sleep apnea stop breathing repeatedly while they sleep. In severe cases, this may occur up to 30 times an hour. Severe health problems can result from untreated sleep apnea; are you at risk? Here’s what you need to know.

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Dr. Frank Mitchell, DDS
Faster Healing and Less Pain with the Newest Holistic Techniques at Winchester Dental
June 1, 2017

In September 2016, Dr. Frank Mitchell discussed the use of platelet-rich fibrin (a substance derived from the blood, also known as PRF) to reduce the pain associated with tooth extractions, speed the implant process, and help patients heal faster. Since then, he reports, “the healing has been amazing for patients who elect it for extractions!”

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Closeup of young son leaning against his mother at first visit to Winchester Dental
Understanding the Importance of Early Orthodontic Treatment
March 3, 2017

Identifying the need for and beginning orthodontic treatment while children are young and still growing may help them avoid serious health issues and potentially complicated, costly treatment when they are older. Learn which signs indicate that a child might need early treatment, the health benefits it can provide, and how we accomplish it at Winchester Dental.

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Word collage of current dental trends
Winchester Dental Exemplifies Current Dental Trends
December 22, 2016

At Winchester Dental, we are pleased to be on the forefront of many current dental trends, and we enjoy keeping up with emerging techniques and technology to provide our patients the best, most modern dental care! As 2016 comes to an end, here’s a look at some dental trends that have recently gained in popularity.

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Victor D. Woodlief, DMD
Mouth Breathing: Problems and Correction
November 15, 2016

Mouth breathing is a common issue, but in extreme cases, it can result in serious health problems and can diminish an individual’s quality of life. Whatever its cause, resolving the problem of mouth breathing at its source is crucial. In this special guest interview, Victor D. Woodlief, DMD of our west coast sister practice discusses the risks of leaving this issue untreated, and how specialized dentistry can help.

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Mary Ellen Lowry, certified nurse-midwife, discussing dental care during pregnancy
Dental Care During Pregnancy
September 28, 2016

Did you know that pre-term labor is frequently caused by an infection somewhere in the body—and that this can include your mouth? In this guest video clip, Mary Ellen Lowry, a certified nurse-midwife with Midwifery at Women’s Health Alliance in Chapel Hill, NC, discusses the importance of dental care during pregnancy, as a way of helping expectant mothers to avoid infection.

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Dr. Frank Mitchell, DDS
Faster Healing with Platelet-Rich Fibrin
September 12, 2016

Winchester Dental continues to lead in the most advanced dentistry practices! In these video clips, Dr. Frank Mitchell, DDS discusses our newest holistic technique: using platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) derived from patients’ own blood to help them heal faster and with less pain during the dental implant process. In some cases, says Dr. Mitchell, using PRF can dramatically speed the overall extraction and implant process—thus saving time and stress. Take a look!

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Dr. Frank Mitchell, DDS
Perio Protect® for Healthy Gums
September 7, 2016

It’s easy, gentle, and holistic! Perio Protect® is a new dental treatment that patients can use at home keep their gums clean and healthy. In many cases, it can help reduce the need for professional periodontal treatment, which is often costly and uncomfortable. In this three-minute video clip, Dr. Frank Mitchell, DDS—who uses Perio Protect® himself—discusses how easy it is to use, and outlines the numerous health benefits it can provide.

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Dr. Gio Iuculano, DDS and Victor D. Woodlief, DMD
How to Find TMJ Disorder Treatment: What You Need to Know
August 26, 2016

Many dentists list TMJ disorders among the issues they treat—but did you know that at the present time, TMJ therapy is not yet a formally recognized area of dental specialty? The study of these disorders is currently an emerging focus in dentistry, and among dentists, treatment experience and methods can vary widely. Fortunately, there are many well-trained dentists who have successfully treated patients and helped them to find relief. What should patients look for when seeking a dentist to treat these issues? In this article, we explore the details of TMJ disorders, and identify the most important questions to ask.

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Meghan Minor, Co-Practice Manager
First Appointment at Winchester Dental: What Can I Expect?
August 24, 2016

At Winchester Dental, our commitment to your overall health begins at your first appointment. Assistant office manager Meghan Minor discusses the way we familiarize ourselves with your teeth, mouth, and medical history; and then develop treatment plans according to your wishes. It’s a great way to help new patients feel comfortable!

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Dr. Gio Iuculano, DDS
The Importance of Nasal Breathing
June 27, 2016

In this interview, Dr. Gio Iuculano of Winchester Dental explains how and why nasal breathing is best for overall health; the health consequences, evaluation, and treatment of mouth breathing; and why it’s important to identify it early.

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Dr. Gio Iuculano, DDS
Dr. Gio Iuculano Discusses Functional Orthodontics
February 1, 2016

In this interview, Dr. Gio Iuculano discusses his study of functional orthodontics and why he recommends it as a holistic approach for young patients.

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