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You and your family are THE priority at Winchester Dental.

Do You Know What Sets Winchester Dental Apart from Other Practices?

At Winchester Dental, your needs and those of your family come first. From scheduling flexibility to the most current technology to our unique approach to your overall health, here’s a top-ten look at how we strive to make you and your family our priority. 

It's important for senior patients to take good care of their oral health.

Dentistry for Senior Patients: What Should You Know?

There are currently more than 54 million senior Americans aged 65 or older—that’s 16.5 % of our current population. By 2030, the US Census Bureau projects, one of every five Americans will belong to this category. Aging is a fact of life, but there’s plenty you can do to maintain your health, especially your oral health, as you age! Here are the facts.

Mechanical teeth with frosted donut, petit fours, and cupcake. Taking a few minutes to floss daily is vital to oral and overall health.

8 Great Reasons to Floss Every Day

You’ve probably heard your dentist or hygienist regularly recommend that you floss daily. Flossing takes only a few minutes, but for some patients, getting started and then flossing regularly can be a challenge. If you’ve already made it part of your routine, congratulations! But if you need more encouragement, here are eight great reasons to make the effort!

Meet the Superstar: Shannon Brandstetter!

We’re delighted to introduce Shannon Brandstetter as our newest Winchester Dental superstar! Shannon is a registered dental hygienist, but did you know she didn’t have her own teeth cleaned by a hygienist until she was in hygiene school? Get to know her better in this interview.

Why Should You Be Concerned About Dental Erosion?

While many factors can contribute to dental erosion, you can certainly take positive steps to avoid it and keep your teeth healthy. But with so many dental products claiming to be effective against erosion, how can you best protect your teeth? The first step is to understand what erosion is and what causes it, so let’s look at the facts.

Airway orthodontics can help everyone sleep better!

Airway Orthodontics as a Breathing Solution

Airway orthodontics can be a game-changer if you snore or have sleep apnea. A beautiful smile may be just one of many benefits of this kind of treatment! Straightening your teeth can also improve your nighttime breathing, sleep, and sleep apnea. Orthodontic treatment isn’t just for teeth anymore!

If You Clench or Grind Your Teeth, It Could Be a Breathing Issue

Many people don’t associate breathing issues with dental symptoms, but recent advances in dentistry have revealed that clenching or grinding your teeth, especially in your sleep, could be a sign of a breathing disorder. Why does this happen, and what’s the most effective way to treat it? Read what Dr. Gio has to say.

Meet the Superstar: Samantha Ruble!

Dental assistant Samantha Ruble, our superstar this month, is celebrating fifteen years with Winchester Dental! In this interview, Sam talks about the chance opportunity that changed her original career path, her favorite training courses over the years, and a great piece of advice that still motivates her.

NightLase® treatment may help ease your snoring or sleep apnea.

Introducing NightLase® Treatment for Snoring and Sleep Apnea

NightLase® is a safe, non-invasive laser treatment for the soft palate, the back of the tongue, and the floor of the mouth. If you snore or have a diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea, this procedure may help! We’re pleased to offer NightLase at Winchester Dental. Kelly Richardson, DDS explains how it works.

Meet the Superstar: Mistie Dodson!

This month, we proudly introduce Mistie Dodson, RDH as this month’s superstar! Mistie has been a dental hygienist for 17 years. In this interview, she talks about learning from her mentor, her thoughts on professional association membership, and the surprising benefit daily flossing can offer.

Good dental care is crucial to the health of diabetes patients.

Diabetes and Your Dental Care

Diabetes is a serious issue that can affect many aspects of your health, including that of your mouth. If you’ve received a diagnosis of diabetes, you may already be taking important steps to manage your condition. Here’s why you also need to take excellent care of your gums (with the help of your dentist and hygienist).

Meet the Superstar: Cierra Funke!

Cierra Funke is our featured superstar in this post! Read on to learn about her beginnings with Winchester Dental, what she’s currently working on, and what she likes to do in her free time.

A child and a woman smile brightly in the snow. For happy holidays, take care of your mouth and teeth!

7 Tips for Great Health Throughout the 2020 Holidays

With the holiday season approaching, things may look and feel different this year as we continue to keep our health and safety in primary focus due to COVID-19 concerns. Your mouth and teeth are an integral part of your overall health. Here are seven tips to help you make the most of your holidays!

Two children brushing their teeth

What is a Crossbite?

You want your children to have the best opportunity to reach their full growth potential with the most robust health. But a crossbite condition could potentially interfere and cause problems. How can you help your children avoid this? Here’s what you should know about crossbites, and why early treatment plays a key role.