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Good dental care is crucial to the health of diabetes patients.

Diabetes and Your Dental Care

Diabetes is a serious issue that can affect many aspects of your health, including that of your mouth. If you’ve received a diagnosis of diabetes, you may already be taking important steps to manage your condition. Here’s why you also need to take excellent care of your gums (with the help of your dentist and hygienist).

Meet the Superstar: Cierra Funke!

Cierra Funke is our featured superstar in this post! Read on to learn about her beginnings with Winchester Dental, what she’s currently working on, and what she likes to do in her free time.

A child and a woman smile brightly in the snow. For happy holidays, take care of your mouth and teeth!

7 Tips for Great Health Throughout the 2020 Holidays

With the holiday season approaching, things may look and feel different this year as we continue to keep our health and safety in primary focus due to COVID-19 concerns. Your mouth and teeth are an integral part of your overall health. Here are seven tips to help you make the most of your holidays!

Two children brushing their teeth

What is a Crossbite?

You want your children to have the best opportunity to reach their full growth potential with the most robust health. But a crossbite condition could potentially interfere and cause problems. How can you help your children avoid this? Here’s what you should know about crossbites, and why early treatment plays a key role.

Until your next routine dental visit, you can do plenty to have a healthy mouth.

8 Tips for a Healthy Mouth During the COVID-19 Outbreak

It’s more important than ever to keep your immune system strong, and your oral health is crucial. Until you can schedule routine visits with your dentist and dental hygienist again, here are some of the best things you can do to maintain a healthy mouth and minimize the risk of a dental emergency.

We're here for you during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our COVID-19 Response

As you know, we have always been committed to your health. Our hygiene practices are stringent at all times. We are doing everything we can to assist with the containment of the COVID-19 virus.

For certain health conditions---even some that appear unrelated to your child’s teeth---a dentist may offer solutions to fix the source of the problems.

Why Your Child Should See a Pediatrician AND a Dentist For Some Health Conditions

Your child’s health is a priority. Along with making sure your little one gets enough rest, exercise, and good nutrition, it’s important to schedule regular medical and dental checkups. If you’re concerned that your child may have certain health conditions, your first call will almost certainly be to your child’s pediatrician, who usually can provide a medical solution or a referral to another medical professional. But for certain health issues—even some that appear to have nothing to do with your child’s teeth—a dentist may have the solutions that will fix the source of the problem or problems.

Diagram showing how obstructive sleep affects the mouth, nose, and throat

Sleep Apnea: Five Important Facts

Individuals with sleep apnea stop breathing repeatedly while they sleep. In severe cases, this may occur up to 30 times an hour. Severe health problems can result from untreated sleep apnea; are you at risk? Here’s what you need to know.

Young child flexing tongue over upper gum. Photo credit: Chayene Rafaela on Unsplash

The Complete Guide to Keeping Your Child in Great Oral Health at Every Age

With your supervision and good example, your child can begin the path to a lifetime of good oral health during the earliest stages of childhood. All oral habits—including tooth brushing and flossing, thumb-sucking, biting and chewing, nutrition, protection during sports, and even breathing—affect the way young children’s faces, jaws, teeth, and overall health develop. And as children become teens, good oral habits and care expand to include avoiding smoking, vaping, and oral piercings. Here are answers to the most common questions you may have about your children’s oral health habits at various points in their lives.

Our Care to Share program is a win-win for you and your friend!

Show Your Friends You Care—Share!

If you’re a satisfied Winchester Dental patient, tell your friends about us for the win! Care to Share is an easy way to save money on your dental visits.

Sweet or sour candy can introduce acid to your mouth and promote tooth decay.

The Dangers of Tooth Decay and How to Protect Yourself

Did you know that tooth decay is the most prevalent chronic health condition in children? For adults, only the common cold occurs more frequently than tooth decay. However, unlike a common cold, which quickly produces noticeable symptoms, tooth decay often begins and develops unnoticed. By the time you realize there’s a problem, your teeth are already breaking down—and worse, you’re in pain. Here’s what to know so you can protect your teeth.

Keep plaque away by caring for your smile the right way!

What to Know About Dental Plaque

Dental plaque is an issue we can avoid through cleaning our teeth properly. But exactly what is it, how does it develop, and what happens if we don’t get rid of it? Here are the sticky facts.

It's easy to maintain wellness by following some simple guidelines.

Three Tips to Maximize Your Holiday Wellness

Your wellness is always important, and holiday hustle and bustle can especially affect it. Here are three tips to help you maximize your mind and body health (including your oral health!) during this busy time of year.

Is it a canker sore or a cold sore? Symptoms can be similar.

Canker Sore or Cold Sore? Here’s the Difference

At one time or another, many of us have experienced a painful canker sore or cold sore. Sometimes, the appearance and symptoms of each are similar, making it difficult to know how to treat the symptoms most effectively. If you develop a sore in or on your mouth, here’s how to tell what’s happening.