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PRF: Platelet-Rich Fibrin

Text reading Platelet-Rich Fibrin for Healing

Winchester Dental is pleased to offer the PRF (platelet-rich fibrin) procedure as a holistic healing option.

What is PRF?

PRF is a restorative substance made from patients’ own blood. It includes platelets—cell fragments that circulate in blood—which provide a natural source of growth factors; and fibrin, a protein that helps blood to clot. We use PRF as a completely natural way to stimulate the growth of bone and soft tissue, which speeds healing and reduces the pain associated with certain dental procedures.

How does the PRF process work?

We accomplish the entire process within our office. Our licensed phlebotomist collects a small sample of a patient’s blood, and then spins it in a centrifuge. After we mix the resulting biomaterial with a small amount of a patient’s bone, we stretch and flatten it carefully to create a soft membrane that is rich in white blood cells, which promote healing. We then place this membrane atop an extraction site before we close it or place an implant.

What are the advantages of PRF?

The membrane, which is rich in the patient’s own blood platelets, helps greatly to reduce bleeding by providing a matrix of healing proteins. This allows healing to occur faster, resulting in less pain. Additionally, the process involves no additives, so the membrane we create is completely biocompatible. This lowers the risk of complications.

How much faster do patients heal with PRF?

In many cases, using PRF reduces healing time by at least half. For example, an extraction site that might have taken two or three weeks to heal without PRF will show the same amount of healing progress within a week when we use this process.

For which dental procedures do you use PRF?

We use PRF with dental extractions and implants, and can use it for all surgical procedures.

How much extra time does the PRF process take?

The PRF process, which includes collecting a blood sample and spinning it in the centrifuge, usually takes 10-15 minutes.