212 Linden Drive, Suite 150
Winchester, VA 22601
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Patient Comfort and Family Atmosphere at Winchester Dental

Dr. Frank Mitchell, DDS

At Winchester Dental, patient comfort and a family atmosphere go hand in hand. Dr. Frank Mitchell, DDS reflects on the way both of these factors help patients to have a positive dental experience.

One of the great things about Winchester Dental is it’s so patient-friendly, so oriented to making patients comfortable and their experience as pleasant as possible. Many people don’t like to go to the dentist, and it’s a challenge and it’s intriguing to—in every day—try to make it an experience that’s not as negative as everyone perceives it to be. And many times you can have people coming back and almost developing a family-like atmosphere, where they look forward to their dental appointments. That’s the challenge, and that’s our objective, and it’s something that I think is pervasive throughout the entire practice. The entire staff shares in those values, and we genuinely get along very well and enjoy each other’s company, and it’s more of a family atmosphere here than other practices I’ve been a part of or have been associated with in one way or another. I’ve been impressed by that since I started here last summer, and I continue to be impressed by that. And it’s just a rewarding experience, if you can make someone comfortable; if you can accomplish the dental treatment that’s necessary, and also help people to get over phobias and treat them with respect and accomplish your goals, and make people happy. You know, try to develop a different sort of dental experience.