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Our Patient Tells Her Invisalign® Success Story

Before and after photos of our patient Marki's Invisalign® success story

Want to turn the world on with your smile? Simple straightening treatment with clear aligners such as Invisalign® can make all the difference! For our patient Marki, a mishap in childhood led to crooked teeth that lasted into adulthood—until she decided on Invisalign® treatment.

Marki tells her story:

When I was younger I was chewing on a window sill and fell backwards, jerking my front teeth out. They were baby teeth but the trauma caused my front teeth to come in crooked.

We didn’t have the money for braces when I was growing up and the dentist told my mom that the older I got, they might straighten up… they never did. Funny thing is, I loved my crooked tooth smile! It was like my signature trademark! I even was voted and won prettiest smile in high school… crooked tooth and all!

I decided a couple of years ago to get Invisalign®. Some friends and family didn’t want me to change my smile and honestly, I was a little nervous too! I didn’t think that it would be able to make as noticeable of a correction as it did. Today, I decided to share the results. If there is ever something about yourself that you want to change and it will make you feel better… do it!

I grew up with that crooked little tooth and honestly, I didn’t mind it, it was a part of me—but I gotta say, I’m smiling a lot bigger these days!

Still wondering if clear aligners are right for you?

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