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Our Team Members Discuss the American Dream Makeover

Diagonal photo of Dr. Frank Mitchell, DDS and assistants Jennifer Bretza, and Samantha Ruble

So the three of you were the team that did the extreme makeover for Winchester Dental, and we’d love to hear briefly what it was like to be part of that experience. So just state your name, and what you do here, and what it was like.
Samantha: Alright, my name’s Samantha. I’m a dental assistant here, and it was great! It was good to be a part of it. Carrie is a wonderful person, and definitely was one of our best candidates for the extreme makeover. She was very happy, and it was just really good to be able to be a part of it and be able to help make her crowns and make her smile better, and she was just very happy!

Jennifer: I’m Jennifer. I’m also a dental assistant here, and also work as a patient coordinator at the front. I also got to speak with Carrie when she was here to get her extreme makeover done, and getting to know her a little bit better—she does a lot for the community and for her church, and it was good to just have her kind of relax as much as she could here while we did the work, and kind of give back to her, so it was definitely, definitely a great experience.

Dr. Mitchell: I’m Frank, the dentist involved, and the assistants don’t get enough credit. They’re wonderful here. They’re always willing to help us out in whatever endeavor we’re participating in, and it really is fun. It’s fun working with them; I enjoy their personalities. They’re so intelligent and on point. They’re very, very efficient, and I think the staff here is wonderful, and Sam and Jennifer are wonderful examples of that. I think they’re both wonderful!

And as far as the extreme makeover, you had a good team, then?
Dr. Mitchell: It was the best. It was a very rewarding experience for everyone involved!

We wish Carrie all the best!