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Technology Talk with Dr. Gio

Dr. Gio Iuculano, DDS

The latest dental technology makes dentistry easier for dentists and patients! It can now help detect the presence of cavities and their depth; can streamline the crown process for patients; and can provide 3D x-rays. In this two-minute video, Dr. Gio outlines all the advantages.

Dental technology for the 21st century. Here at Winchester Dental, we love to have fun with technology, so we invest in all the latest and greatest. It ranges from our caries detectors—so there… it’s a little camera that uses—similar to ultrasound technology to determine the depth of cavities. So when we doubt—when we’re not sure if there’s a cavity or not, and the x-rays aren’t conclusive, we use the caries detector. We also have what’s called our machine that can make crowns in one day. So several—patients love to come in and in one visit, get their crown done, where our traditional crowns require two visits, where you come in, you go home with a temporary, you come back in a few weeks, and then we put the permanent crown in. This way, we can make it all in one visit. So you only get numb once, and you only have to come in once. The latest thing we have is our cone beam CT machine. That allows us to scan a patient in a matter of 10-15 seconds, and have a 3D view of all the teeth, the jaws, the nose, the neck; so we can see a lot more than we could with our traditional flat 2D x-rays. Makes it easier to diagnose and see if a patient really needs a root canal or not. If a patient—if a patient’s going to get an implant, for example, it lets us plant it much more precisely. We’re also using it for our kids in orthodontics. Now we can treatment-plan three-dimensionally, compared to the old two-dimensional diagnoses. So the cone beam machine allows us to be much more thorough, much more accurate, and much more precise.