Why Dr. Gio is the Best Dentist in Winchester, VA

Smiling female patient at Winchester Dental

Nancy, thank you for coming today. You just had an appointment with Dr. Gio?
Yes I did.

And, I think you said something like you love coming to see Dr. Gio.
I do love seeing Dr. Gio.

Tell us why, tell us why.
He’s so personable with me. He makes me feel very comfortable. He’s a great dentist. He’s just amazing, I can’t praise him enough. He makes me feel like a real person and that he cares about me. He cares if I’m in pain; he cares if I’m comfortable. He actually answered an email to me this weekend when I was having a lot of pain and he sent his personal phone number to me… for me to call him and I called him and he answered right away and told me what he wanted me to do and that’s one of the reasons I’m here today. He got me in and got me taken care of today, so that’s why I love Dr. Gio.

Hey Drew, thanks for coming out for this interview. Let’s talk a little bit about what you learned from Dr. Gio today. You said you love him, right? And why do you love him again?
He’s super fun and he tells me more what I need to do rather than what I should want to do.

That’s usually good when you’re, how old are you—fourteen?

Close, almost fourteen?
Almost fourteen.

When are you going to be fourteen?

Oh yeah, what day?

Cool. Alright, back to business. What did you learn today from Dr. Gio?
I learned that I have a high palate and that it blocks up my nasal passages.

And so, what’s he going to do to help?
He’s going to take some measurements and pictures on my palate and I’m going to… he’s going to have me do some different ideas about how I can bring it back down lower.

Cool, like the ALF or one of those appliances?

You are so lucky, I’m totally jealous. That’s awesome, you’re going to look great and feel great. Okay, and your mom has agreed to it?

You’re very lucky.

You’re going to think back to Dr. Gio when you’re like 50 and you’re going to be like, “He made me so much more handsome than I already was.” Very cool. Well, thanks for explaining that to us.
No problem.

Okay, take care.
You too.