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Perio Protect® for Healthy Gums

Dr. Frank Mitchell, DDS

It’s easy, gentle, and holistic! Perio Protect® is a new dental treatment that patients can use at home keep their gums clean and healthy. In many cases, it can help reduce the need for professional periodontal treatment, which is often costly and uncomfortable. In this three-minute video clip, Dr. Frank Mitchell, DDS—who uses Perio Protect® himself—discusses how easy it is to use, and outlines the numerous health benefits it can provide.



This next area of dentistry that I’m excited about is Perio Protect®. This is a way of creating a therapeutic treatment of periodontal or gum problems, with a tray therapy that’s very conservative. It involves accurately fitted trays that we make with impressions, and then we use a very, very low percentage peroxide gel, which manages the bacteria—it actually knocks out 99% of the bacteria that would reside in the pockets where your gums and teeth come together. This is especially important because the bacteria that enters your bloodstream from your gums can cause problems with diabetics. It can weaken them; make them very tired, debilitated. And the tie-in between gum problems and the bacteria involved, and cardiac problems and a whole host of other ailments are profound. There’s a direct connection, and I think this is a good general health issue—it’s very holistic. Hydrogen peroxide is present in our biochemistry to begin with, and in this way of treating the problem you don’t have the periodontal flap surgeries that are uncomfortable and in my opinion don’t work to a high enough percentage success rate. This therapy I’ve found to be very successful, and it’s kind to the patients. It’s a holistic alternative to traditional periodontal treatment, yet it doesn’t rule out seeing a periodontist. You always would have that option in the future, but I think it’s a nice way to approach it. And it’s less expensive and it’s without shots or any kind of irreversible treatment.

And you use it yourself, don’t you?
I actually use it myself. I really don’t have issues with my gums and periodontal treatment, but I think it’s a good health aspect to take into mind, and my mouth feels fresher after I use my perio trays daily. It’s—in my case it’s a once a day application of the perio gel, wearing the trays for 10-15 minutes. Very easy, and I’ve noticed my teeth have bleached as a result.

Let’s see the smile?
Quite a bit whiter—here you go. So, at age 63 my teeth are fairly white, and it’s a maintenance bleaching in addition to a healthy alternative.

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