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Winchester Dental Team Attends Myobrace Training

Winchester Dental team members in front of Myobrace sign

At Winchester Dental, we actively pursue opportunities for continuing education. In February 2017, Dr. Gio Iuculano, DDS and four of our dental assistants attended training on the Myobrace, an exciting new approach to orthodontic treatment that can help straighten teeth and jaws with or without braces. Similar to treatment with an oral myofunctional therapist, Myobrace treatment focuses on correction of poor oral habits that actually cause crooked teeth. In this interview, Dr. Gio discusses the training.

Tell us about the Myobrace training. Did it include hands-on training as well as lectures?

Our Myobrace training certified us as an official provider—the first and only one in the Winchester area! The training included a hands-on portion that consisted of making Myobrace functional appliances ready for expansion using the Farrell Bent Wire System™. We also got a thorough review of all the oral myofunctional therapy that the Myobrace accomplishes when patients wear it daily, and we practiced with follow-up exercises.

Is Myobrace treatment appropriate for all orthodontic patients?

I feel it is a very important part of overall therapy. Some patients might only need Myobrace, while other patients will need it in conjunction with braces or functional appliances. With this treatment, the patients finish orthodontics with a much more stable bite than they might have without it, which means less chance for teeth to relapse and become crooked again in the future.

What did you learn about Myobrace treatment that you didn’t know before?

This type of orthodontic treatment is an important part of therapy that makes every single patient healthier. Patients end up with healthier jaw joints and facial muscles, and larger and stronger airways. This is significant because sleep breathing disorders are slowly becoming a bigger problem, affecting more and more children in today’s world. Even ten years ago, we did not see this.

After attending this training, what advantages do you think Myobrace will provide for your orthodontic patients?

They’ll certainly achieve a more stable long-term position of their teeth. There will be less worry about their teeth relapsing as they get older. Statistically, this bodes well for the overall orthodontic patient population, because long-term retainer wear is below 10% around the world.

What did you find beneficial about attending this training with your fellow team members?

Four of our dental assistants attended this training with me. We got to meet other offices and their team members from around the country, and together we learned that those teams have the same focus and concern we have for young orthodontic patients: to help them develop to their full potential.