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Do You Know What Sets Winchester Dental Apart from Other Practices?

You and your family are THE priority at Winchester Dental.

At Winchester Dental, your needs and those of your family come first. From scheduling flexibility to the most current technology to our unique approach to your overall health, here’s a top-ten look at how we strive to make you and your family our priority. 

1.  You can make appointments six days a week. 

Our practice is open Monday through Friday, and on most Saturdays. We also offer extended weekday hours to accommodate your work schedule. (Many other dental practices are only open four days a week, with no weekend hours.)

2.  You can make fewer trips because we’re happy to coordinate your family’s visits

We love seeing your whole family together. Our office is spacious and our team is welcoming!

3.  Our team members can serve patients in six different languages. 

Within our office are team members who speak English, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Russian, and Ukrainian. 

4.  You’ll be comfortable if you use a wheelchair or have a service animal. 

Winchester Dental’s ground-level office and parking area are easily accessible to those who use wheelchairs, and your service animal is welcome to accompany you throughout your appointment.

5.  If you don’t have dental insurance, we offer other payment options. 

Please click the link to read about Care Credit, a dental financing option. You can apply for CareCredit online or at our office, whichever is most convenient.

We also offer an in-office plan called Smile Care Club. This is a yearly plan that covers basic preventative dental care and offers discounts on additional services. We accept patients with all health conditions in this program. There are no health questions, no deductibles, and we will not deny coverage to any applicant. We bill you annually for your coverage in this plan.

We want you to be comfortable when you visit.

6.  If you have dental anxiety, we can help.

Our entire team is focused on your comfort. A friendly, compassionate dental assistant will offer you genuine caring throughout your visit and even hold your hand if you wish. We can also help you with simple comforts such as blankets, pillows, headphones to listen to music, a bottle of water, even a snack! Depending on your needs, we also offer conscious sedation along with certain procedures and treatments.

7.  If you need pain relief before your treatment, we can help. 

In some cases, pain relief and relaxation can be the keys to successful treatment. Depending on your needs, we’ll provide local anesthetics and/or safe, painless cold laser therapy.

8.  If you’re concerned that you haven’t seen a dentist in a long time, you don’t need to worry. 

We understand. We’ll take gentle care of you, with no lectures and no judgment. Your health and comfort are our only concerns. Read testimonials from other patients here.

9.  Everyone you work with at Winchester Dental learns and trains continually. 

To provide you the best in care, we continually train and upgrade our technology.

As dentistry evolves, so do we. We equip our practice and our lab with the most modern technology to keep treatments and procedures in-house whenever possible. Our administrative team is trained and knowledgeable about everything from insurance to office safety. Our entire clinical team is experienced and informed on the newest treatment protocols, and we can accomplish most dental procedures—from start to finish—right in our office. We offer an array of common dental procedures (think fillings, bonding, implants, root canals, and the like) as well as specialized dental treatments that yield overall health benefits in areas such as dentofacial development for children and sleep breathing for patients of all ages.

Of course, we’ll certainly make referrals when you need them, and we’ll work closely with your other providers to ensure your overall health.

10.  We take an integrative approach. 

Different dental providers follow different treatment methods. At Winchester Dental, we practice integrative dentistry, which means we treat your oral health as part of your overall health. Historically, American dentists have focused almost exclusively on the mouth and the teeth. This is beginning to change, but not every dentist recognizes the potential connections between dental treatment and medical concerns. 

In fact, what happens in your mouth is frequently connected to other aspects of your health, such as breathing and sleep issues, gut health, and for children, optimal childhood growth and development. An integrative dental approach can provide life-changing improvements in these areas and others. 

The integrative approach is also a big saver of your time and money! Non-integrative dental practices may need to refer you to a hospital or lab for specialized technology screenings, which can slow down your treatment progress and become pricey. You might even find yourself spending extra energy coordinating some or all of your treatment on your own. By following an integrative approach, we not only address your overall health, we also strive to help you save your time, money, and energy—because managing your dental treatment and maintaining your health should be as easy as possible.

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