212 Linden Drive, Suite 150
Winchester, VA 22601
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Writer Visits Winchester Dentist Office for her Biannual Teeth Cleaning

When I signed up for the ever-important challenge of explaining to all of our website visitors looking for the best dentist’s office in Winchester, VA why Winchester Dental fits the bill, I didn’t immediately think about the benefit of becoming a patient for their general dentistry services. Fortunately, I did become a patient, because now I can describe with words and images why these dentists are the best dentists not only in Winchester, but in all of Virginia.

The first thing that I noticed that was at once different, refreshing, and inviting about the Winchester dental office was the warm and bright color of the walls, the open patient rooms (each with its own window), and the friendly staff. Though my own hygienist had to wear her mask and splash guard, she still radiated friendliness.


Lindsay Graham’s hygienist at Winchester Dental


The second difference from an average dentist’s office, and an appealing touch I had never experienced at a dentist’s office, was that to the right of the great view I had outside the office, I had a great view of everything going on with my teeth, including a play-by-play of every x-ray that was taken.


Windental from patients eyes img 6532
Winchester Dental State of the Art Equipment


This phenomenal drop-down screen allowed me to see… “WHAT?!?!?? IS that a cavity?!?!?!” Nope, Dr. Gio reassured me that it was NOT a cavity up there in my view. I was glad to have the view, in any case, despite the fact that my limited dental knowledge resulted in my fraudulent conclusion regarding my dental health. I was more than happy to defer to the expert, Dr. Gio.

Windental from patients eyes img 6546


When the cleaning began, I began the procedure with my usual tense legs, tense jaw, tense everything. But quickly, as you see represented in this photo below, I became so relaxed in this dental office and in that dental chair, I literally had to keep myself from falling asleep. Has this ever happened to YOU in a dentist chair? Not unless you were at Winchester Dental… that’s my guess at least! My conclusion about my trip to Winchester Dental is: if you need a nice rest from a busy day, go visit these folks! You will literally leave feeling relaxed! I did!

Windental from patients eyes img 6559